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Rehab Services

Rehab Services


Our superlative physical rehabilitation team provides excellent care that is driven by each resident’s goals. The team works diligently to ensure residents are able to reach their highest level of independence. This often includes providing continuous education to residents and their families to ensure a safe return home. Our skilled physical rehab interdisciplinary team takes care to develop a specialized service plan for every resident to ensure each is able to achieve his or her individual goals.

The physical rehab team includes skilled professionals in the following disciplines:

Physical therapy (PT): Physical therapists create individual treatment plans to match each person’s goals, helping people improve and maintain function and quality of life by partnering in their own care. A physical therapist diagnoses and treats existing health conditions, but also provides residents and families with customized plans to help prevent health problems before they occur.

Occupational therapy (OT): Our occupational therapy team works closely with residents and families to teach or reteach skills that are necessary for activities of daily living. We have an excellent OT team that takes pride in their work and in getting people back with their loved ones at home.

Speech therapy (ST): Speech therapy is crucial to help residents regain their oral motor skills. Therapists work closely with stroke victims and dementia residents to enhance their swallowing skills and ability to chew their food, to regain muscular strength in and around their mouths, and much more. Speech-language pathologists not only work toward improving swallowing performance and increased awareness of what structures are involved in swallowing, but also determine the safest diet consistency and any compensatory strategies a resident may require. Speech therapy may also include cognitive, voice, fluency, or language assessment and treatment.

Restorative nursing: Our rehab team works in congruence with nursing staff by developing care plans and providing training and education to continue the journey toward each person’s goals. With instructions and supervision by our rehabilitation team, our staff provides a range of interventions and activities to keep residents at an optimal level of physical mobility and independence