About us


Here at Lakeview Gardens, we understand that healthcare is evolving. The advance in medicine and strides in technology are providing local communities access to better healthcare. It is our desire to provide the best care in our region.

Our associated staff will be here to help you and your loved ones when the need arises. The comfort and care of our patients is our major goal. Lake District Hospital Foundation desires to provide you with the tools needed to educate and increase your health awareness. Online healthcare is now being made available to you from this website. The site will introduce health information and patient education resources for you to explore.

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I welcome you to explore our website and health information programming anytime you need additional information regarding you or your loved one’s health. Please be sure to contact us if we can help you in any way.



Contact Us

1250 South 9th Street, Lakeview, Oregon 97630

Facility number: 541-947-2114

Charles B. Tveit, Administrator/CEO: 541-947-2114 ext. 181

Marivel Dannen, RN, Interim DNS: 541-947-2114 ext. 178

Marcie Clare, Interim DNS: 541-947-2114 ext. 289

Larry Coulter, Assistant Administrator: 541-947-2114 ext. 187

MaryMargaret, Health Services Coordinator, ALF: 541-947-2114 ext. 5516

Shree Morgan, Activities Director ALF: 541-947-2114 ext. 147

Our History

Through the years we have helped generation after generation reach better health. Our organization has been striving to serve the needs of our region since we were established. We here at Lake View Gardens are loyal to our community and will continue to strive for excellence in healthcare.

Being part of the community has been an important goal throughout the years, and with your help and loyalty we can continue to provide health services that you can depend on.